Future Millionaires!

We are ready to help you achieve financial freedom today!

  • If you are ready to be a millionaire and let go of living paycheck to paycheck, feeling broke, and stressing about money, you will love joining my millionaire mastermind today!

  • In the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, a mastermind was identified as one of the best tools for achieving success in any endeavor which is why I have created my millionaire mastermind!

  • When you join today, you get an invitation to our private discord channel where each member shows up on a daily basis to share anything useful to the group, ask for help, and learn from others!

  • I have made more than two million dollars online since 2015 and I have a vast amount of experience that I am ready to use to help you earn your next million online whether you are investing in crypto, selling online courses, creating content, uploading YouTube videos, or freelancing!

  • If you are hesitating, I understand! You are still here because your mind has just enough of an opening to tell you that joining this mastermind might help you achieve financial freedom. Meanwhile, you are experiencing a surprisingly large amount of resistance from another part of your mind that says “I don't know if this will work!” or “Can they really help me?” or “What does he know about becoming a millionaire?” or “I can do it without them!” These thoughts are there to stop you from going where you want to go!

  • I have a wonderful life today because I now refuse to let something small like $50 or $5000 stop me from getting what I want. Ten years ago, I didn’t operate like this. I sat at home trying to stay sober and repeatedly failing instead of just going to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business to learn the hard way instead of just paying a few thousand to a coach to show me the easy way. I missed out on millions of dollars investing in crypto because I couldn’t be bothered to read a few books about investing or to find someone with more experience than me as a mentor.

  • You probably have already spent a fortune trying to do everything yourself and consistently avoiding asking for help or trying something new. Are you ready to take the easier path? Do you want to be a part of a community with the same goals as you? What if this is the last piece of the puzzle to get your finances in order?

  • When you are ready to become a millionaire, we are here for you! Become a member today to take one small step for yourself and one giant leap towards financial freedom!


Jerry Banfield

YouTuber 275K Subs, Entrepreneur $2M+ Sales, Crypto Investor $200K+ Profits, Educator 55 Video Courses, Influencer 2M+ Followers, Twitch Streamer 1.5K Hours, Author 14 Books, Musician 78 Songs, 8 Years Sober, 10 Years Married, 7 Years Parenting

Membership Agreement

  • Our common purpose is to assist each member in building more than a million dollars in personal/household net worth!

  • We meet primarily in our private group discord server which is available via email when purchasing on jerrybanfield.com and available on the airtable spreadsheet "unlockable" when purchasing the NFT.

  • On a DAILY basis, each member agrees to read all the new messages in the discord server and react to at least one message.

  • Every WEEK, every member agrees to send at least one message on our discord server that asks for advice, shares a helpful resource, or includes a personal story related to building net worth.

  • Once a MONTH, every member agrees to write a text message, share an image, or upload a video with their current personal/household net worth to the networth channel on discord.

  • Given our time is valuable and we are showing up each day, we expect members to be considerate of others when posting and to limit self-promotion to resources shared for the purpose of helping others become a millionaire. Anything shared outside of this may be removed from the chat channel.

  • You are welcome to join or leave the millionaire mastermind at any time by canceling the subscription on the website or by listing the NFT for sale on OpenSea. We have a 30 day money back guarantee for all credit card website payments.

  • Each member that already is a millionaire or becomes a millionaire is invited to continue building net worth with us while setting a higher net worth goal and/or focusing on increasing efforts to give back to others.

  • Any member that would like a shout out on every one of my new crypto, business, and main YouTube channel videos can email me a 1920 by 1080 screenshot to use as a background. This screenshot can feature a YouTube channel, website, social media profile, quote, picture, etc.

  • The primary skills we are developing in building our net worth include making more money (especially online), investing (especially in crypto), and designing a lifestyle we love at the lowest cost.