Course curriculum

    1. What can you do today thaSetting up your Facebook marketing for success!t will matter at the end of your life?

    1. Where to get started on social media? Where is the biggest opportunity?

    2. Trust starts with great social media profiles

    3. Setting up your Facebook marketing for success!

    4. Creating your Facebook page

    5. Building free Twitter followers

    6. Copromote - using your Facebook and Twitter audience to expand your following

    7. Overview of my successful YouTube channel and starting on YouTube

    8. YouTube setup and growth questions and answers

    9. YouTube secrets of success

    10. LinkedIn profile headline and use in search optimization - part 1

    11. LinkedIn profile summary optimization - part 2

    1. Make a personal website with your name as the URL to begin

    2. What system do I use to build and maintain my website?

    3. What Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Bitcoin do right that you can too

    1. Business system basics and getting started

    2. How to start and improve your business system online

    3. Using Patreon to monetize your videos, blog posts, and podcasts

    1. Where to start looking for conversations

    2. How to join relevant conversations on Facebook plus do you need Facebook?

    3. The power of positive mutually beneficial relationships

    4. Honesty and gratitude are the foundations for positive relationships

    5. The power of focus in your productivity and business approach

    6. The power of focus in your productivity - part 2

    1. Slow and steady beats rapid growth

    2. How will doing daily work make you more productive

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