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    1. Thank you for starting this course! I hope to make it in 4 hours of real time!

    2. What is the 4 hour workday?

    3. From time equals money to doing the right work equals money

    4. With time is money I made $20 per hour at most on average.

    1. With doing the right work I make over $1,000 per hour of work.

    2. How do you know what the right work is to do?

    3. My workflow with tracking the progress I make each day with Microsoft Excel.

    1. Only 4 hours to work forces me to look carefully at what I am doing.

    2. The 4 hour workday is one I practice 7 days per week.

    3. Perfectionism cannot stand up to limited amounts of time to work.

    4. Breaks are easy to take with less hours of work!

    5. Spending money to work more effectively is now a given.

    6. Having less time to work forces me to face my limitations and work with others.

    7. Accepting the things I cannot change is mandatory with less time to work.

    8. Saying no and respecting myself is much easier with less time to work.

    1. The purpose of working less is to make time for a balanced life.

    2. When doing knowledge and creative work, a balanced life means better quality.

    3. This system is tolerant of problems that come up.

    4. I never have to say I am busy anymore! Take a look at my schedule!

    5. Working a little every day is best for long term memory.

    1. Is 4 hours a day or 28 hours per week is not enough time?

    2. How can you do this with a job and a family?

    3. What about other people working 60 hours a week and doing great things?

    4. Thank you for taking this course! What will you do about it today?

    1. Welcome to my 4 hour work days!

    2. How am I practicing the 4 hour workday a year later?

    3. Constant improvement is the core principle I work by

    4. Pricing for services with the 4 hour workday

    5. Little improvements every day add up to a lot fast

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