Course curriculum

    1. Would you learn how to publish audio books on Audible with ACX?

    2. Introduction to Audible.

    3. Audible is full of bestsellers and opportunities to make sales.

    1. My Workflow from idea to audio book, Kindle book, and video class.

    2. How to get the initial sales?

    3. Start with the shortest book or an easy throw away project.

    1. Starting a new book project on Audible.

    2. Writing the description and finishing the project creation process.

    3. Exclusive versus non-exclusive distribution.

    4. ACX cover formatting requirements for audio books on Audible.

    5. Audio file outline and retail audio sample explained.

    1. ACX Audio quality guidelines.

    2. Easier to start with high quality audio than to try and fix up mediocre recordings.

    3. In depth look at my audio recording equipment.

    4. Adobe Audition with the Adobe Creative Cloud for audio.

    1. Adobe Audition tutorial for correcting loudness.

    2. Basic editing functions such as adding silence and combing audio files.

    3. Digital Audio Workstation alternatives to Adobe Audition.

    1. Uploading finished audio one chapter at a time to Audible.

    2. An honest and entertaining experience with less editing.

    3. Asking for help with the first sales and receiving reviews.

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