Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Complete Adobe Audition CC Course!

    2. Are You Ready to Learn the Essentials of Adobe Audition in Less Than 30 Minutes?

    3. How to Record Audio, Apply Effects, Save Files, and Export MP3

    4. Secrets to Reducing Time Editing Audio by Recording with a Quality Microphone in a Quiet Studio

    5. Narration Workflow for Quickly Redoing Mistakes with Leaving Silence

    6. Multitrack Sessions for Working with Multiple Audio Files and Advanced Mixing

    7. How To Make Audio Recorded On Your Phone Sound Better in 5 Minutes

    8. You Are On Your Way To Mastering Adobe Audition!

    1. Adobe Audition Interface for Beginners

    2. Audio Not Recording or Playing Back in Adobe Audition? Check Input and Output Devices

    3. Starting New Audio Files, Multitrack Sessions, and Saving Projects

    4. #1 Beginner Audio Mistake and Solution!

    5. Saving and Exporting Audio Files in Adobe Audition

    1. How To Record Audio in Adobe Audition for Easy Editing by Leaving Silience After Mistakes

    2. How To Save Hundreds of Hours Editing!

    3. Editing A Voice Recording in Adobe Audition Using Silence to Find and Delete Errors

    4. Punch and Roll Recording in Adobe Audition for Quickly Fixing Narration Mistakes

    1. Multitrack Session Basics with Podcast Template on Adobe Audition

    2. Fade Audio In and Out

    3. Copying, Cutting, Splitting, Pasting, and Editing Audio Together in Adobe Audition

    4. Starting a Music Production in Adobe Audition

    1. Noise Reduction with Adobe Audition — Capture Noise Print and Removing a Background Airconditioner

    2. Best Effects Presets for Beautiful Vocals

    3. Applying The Effects Rack to Add Compression, Limiting, and Equalization in Adobe Audition!

    4. Match Loundness on Multiple Files in Adobe Audition with Batch Processing

    5. Time Stretching

    6. Shift Pitch Up And Down For A Good Laugh!

    7. Delay and Echo Effects

    8. Spectral Frequency Editing and Pitch Display

    9. Reversing Audio To Create Amazing Sounds

    1. Adobe Audition alternatives (Audacity, Video Editors, Garageband, Reaper, SoundForge, WaveLab, ProTools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 10, FL Studio 20)

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  • 3.5 hours of video content


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