Course curriculum

    1. Why Become a Podcaster? What is Podcasting? Where to Begin? How to Earn and Grow?

    2. Branding a Podcast for Lifetime Growth, Flexibility, and Consistency

    1. offers free podcast hosting and built in sponsorships!

    2. features are ideal for new podcasters and monetization

    3. Inside Anchor Sponsorships for Podcasters and Brands

    4. Switching Your Podcast to Anchor for Free Hosting, Automatic Distribution, and Easy Monetization

    5. New Podcast Episode Upload Tutorial with Midroll Sponsored Segment Ad Creation

    6. Anchor Sponsorships Explained for Active, Endedm and Ignored Campaigns

    7. Anchor Income Report for My First 3 Months Hosting on

    1. Build a Podcasting Audience to 100 Plays Per Episode Starting with Friends on Facebook

    2. Best Podcasting Display for WordPress with Simple Podcast Press Plugin

    3. Podcast Promotion System with YouTube Bumper Ads in Google AdWords Ideal for Podcasters

    4. A mindset for success going forward with a podcast!

    1. Bonus video: Podcasting vs CDs_Flash Drives for MP3 Audio Distribution

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