Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Speaker Meeting 2017!

    2. What motivated me to make this class?

    3. How am I living now?

    4. Into and out of the darkness

    1. My challenges with my body and sex.

    1. My name is Jerry Banfield and I am an alcoholic.

    2. The insanity of the first drink.

    3. My choice to go to Alcoholics Anonymous or die a drunk

    4. Wrecking my car drunk is good for one week sober

    5. 3 months sober and back drinking again.

    6. I hoped meeting my wife would fix my alcoholism.

    1. Being cheap while learning how to gamble!

    2. I thought I could just quit gambling and my money problems would be fixed.

    1. I started a business to help with video game addiction and then switched it to gaming!

    1. Introduction to my journey with being fat and compulsive eating.

    2. My eating started bad and got worse at college

    3. How I lost 20 pounds in 10 months and put it back on in 2

    4. Losing weight with MyFitnessPal and counting calories

    5. My magical experience at Detroit Metro airport.

    6. How I eat now has unbelievable health benefits!

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Jerry Banfield

YouTuber 275K Subs, Entrepreneur $2M+ Sales, Crypto Investor $200K+ Profits, Educator 55 Video Courses, Influencer 2M+ Followers, Twitch Streamer 1.5K Hours, Author 14 Books, Musician 78 Songs, 8 Years Sober, 10 Years Married, 7 Years Parenting