Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to I love designing shirts!

    2. What is the primary purpose of this class?

    3. My number one tip for making a business out of designing shirts.

    4. What is my favorite part about making wearable designs?

    5. When to start using online advertising to make sales?

    1. Easiest way to get started desiging a first shirt?

    2. Most painful mistake I have made designing online?

    3. Thenounproject has graphics for a low cost!

    4. How I track new ideas and get through writers block.

    1. Which website to use for hosting the shirts and making sales?

    2. Fast design with Teespring.

    3. Cafepress makes it simple to add a design to many products

    4. What I use to make custom graphics with Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud.

    1. Welcome to Canva!

    2. How I made the thumbnail for this class in Canva.

    3. Realtime Canva design for a shirt with a graphic.

    4. Uploading and editing the design on Redbubble.

    1. Welcome to Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for amazing designs!

    2. Making beautiful text fast and basic functions.

    3. If I can make this design in a few hours you can do anything!

    1. Top 10 Shirt Selling Myths Busted.

    2. Myth 1: Is this an easy way to make money online?

    3. Myth 2: Why not just hire a graphic designer?

    4. Myth 3: Can I do this without being a graphic designer?

    5. Myth 4: Are Facebook ads good for making sales?

    6. Myth 5: Will a great design sell?

    7. Myth 6: Who to sell to?

    8. Myth 7: Can a real business be made out of selling merchandise online?

    9. Myth 8: Is inventory necessary?

    10. Myth 9: Do you need to print locally?

    11. Myth 10: Do you need money to start?

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