Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the email marketing course!

    2. What is exciting that you can do with using course?

    3. What am I doing a year later with my email marketing?

    4. Having users create an account makes getting an email much easier!

    5. A fast website makes email signups a LOT easier!

    6. Facebook ads with a video to an account sign up make easy list building

    1. What have I done with my own email marketing? $100,000+ earned via Udemy.

    2. The most important part of effective email marketing is delivering value.

    3. What mistakes have I made with email marketing? A lot!

    4. Surprise! The WEBSITE is the most critical component of great email marketing.

    5. Before collecting emails, I chose a service provider that meets my needs.

    6. To effectively collect emails, I need help testing different forms and pages.

    1. What do you get in the website basics section?

    2. For my domain name, I use my name because that stays the same.

    1. WordPress is the content management system I use to create my website.

    2. 3 hosting providers that work great with WordPress for a low cost.

    3. The majority of the work comes from making blog posts worth reading.

    4. For my WordPress theme I picked one I liked from another website.

    5. Starting by making signup forms on my WordPress website.

    6. One more reason to have a great website- what do I usually do on a landing page?

    1. I am making my new list with MailChimp because that is how I made my last one.

    2. MailChimp cost- free for under 2,000 subscribers!

    3. Which MailChimp plan I am using?

    4. Read the TOS before sending an email or get your account suspended.

    5. Campaigns in MailChimp are emails I have sent.

    6. Templates are the outlines I can use to send emails.

    7. Lists are collections of email addresses I can send emails to.

    8. Reports are where I see the results of my campaigns to lists.

    9. Automation is where I can setup emails to be sent automatically.

    10. API keys allow me to integrate with WordPress, LeadPages, etc.

    11. How to add users to my MailChimp account to help with sending emails.

    1. How to create a new email list in MailChimp.

    2. How to edit the text on the opt in email.

    3. How to set the double opt in welcome offer page.

    4. Using a page on my WordPress website to provide the offer redemption.

    5. Forget about making the page ultra secret and handle problems as they come up.

    6. Making the free offer in the same format as future offers.

    7. Adding a Facebook conversion tracking pixel to my page.

    8. Setting up conversion tracking with Google AdWords and "all converters."

    9. Using affiliate links with claiming the free offer.

    10. Explaining what to expect next as a subscriber.

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