Course curriculum

    1. Thank you for taking this course! What are you doing on Facebook today?

    2. What you can do to maximize the usefulness of this course.

    1. Know what works to get your attention on Facebook and then do that.

    2. Share with the least resistance to the people that are most open to your message.

    3. Focus on Cost Per Action (CPA) completely and ignore other data.

    4. Assume you do not know anything and find what works in the data.

    5. The 80/20 principle in Facebook ads and marketing will set you free.

    1. What works for me to make money and grow my business on Facebook.

    2. See the 0.01 cost per like Facebook ads I am running right now and why I do it.

    3. Start with Facebook groups. Here's Why!

    4. Best Facebook ads strategy for conversions, affiliate marketing, sales.

    5. What I have seen work best for local businesses on Facebook are page events.

    6. Failing is normal and what you can do to avoid your biggest failures.

    1. Targeting countries for likes.

    2. Countries to target for Facebook sales.

    3. Daily budget discussion for Facebook advertisers.

    1. How I am doing likes for my Facebook page July 7 2015.

    2. The Facebook ad I am using to promote my page is for building relationships.

    3. Targeting settings for low cost likes and using reports to find what works.

    4. Creating similar ads quickly for Facebook page likes split tested by ad set.

    5. Using Facebook page insights to see where my fans are already from to find more targeting.

    6. Making more USA ads targeted to friends in specific states and with interests.

    7. Facebook ads system for getting great results simply through effort and testing.

    8. Eliminating 20 percent of the worst Facebook ads campaigns for likes.

    1. What I am doing with my own Facebook ads today June 27 2015.

    2. How I make a page post with a Youtube video that I use as an ad.

    3. Facebook page post ad created quickly with remarketing.

    4. Backdating a post and hiding from newsfeed to use as an ad.

    5. Using the power editor to quickly make new ad sets for post engagement.

    6. Using the power editor export and import to mass change ad sets.

    7. How I make 50 ad sets in the power editor in 8 minutes.

    8. Analyzing the data and pausing the bottom 50 percent of ad sets to improve performance.

    9. The real work of Facebook ads is sorting the data and finding what works.

    10. Using Facebook page post engagement ads to make a website conversion campaign.

    11. Creating a new Facebook ad campaign in the power editor for conversions.

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