Course curriculum

    1. Use this course to take one step at a time with me promoting your Facebook event

    2. What experience do I have with events on Facebook?

    1. What is an event on Facebook?

    2. Where do you find events on Facebook?

    3. Who can create events on Facebook?

    4. Planning an event that I am excited about.

    1. How to create an event on a Facebook page.

    2. What's holding you back from going forward with your event?

    3. Setting a start and end time for the event

    4. Picking an image that has no text quickly for the event.

    5. Focusing everyone at one destination.

    6. Writing a description that appeals exactly to the person guaranteed to attend.

    7. Free events usually are much easier than paid events. Creative pricing strategy.

    8. Publishing the event once everything is in place.

    1. Making a great event is all about promotion.

    2. Getting the very first person to join is the most important step to start.

    3. Making sure 3 people that are most important to attend are coming.

    4. Inviting friends on Facebook should happen AFTER a personal message.

    5. When you create the event, it is shared right away on the Facebook page.

    6. Every post after the initial one should help explain more about the event.

    7. Sharing the event in related groups helps get more organic reach.

    8. Even while creating lectures, the message to friends worked to get another join.

    9. Facebook invites are so often ignored it can take persistence to get acceptance.

    10. Bigger is not always better. An event with too many people can be a disaster.

    11. If no one is responding, now is a great time to change the event or try another.

    1. Are you ready to use Facebook advertising for your event?

    2. Making the first ad for the event in the Facebook ads manager.

    3. Using the power editor to quickly split test different ad creatives.

    4. Copying ad sets with the Facebook ads power editor to split test audiences.

    1. Reviewing the initial promotional efforts

    2. Optimizing the Facebook event ads to get more joins for a lower cost.

    3. Pausing ads that are ineffective and limiting the campaign spend.

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