Course curriculum

    1. Facebook gaming live from beginner to advanced in this course!

    2. How much can we make streaming games on Facebook?


    4. Facebook gaming streamer dashboard!

    5. Level up program basics and FAQ

    6. Facebook Gaming and Level Up Program History

    7. What game to play?

    8. Best Games to Play on Facebook Gaming

    1. Live streaming equipment and software!

    2. Ideal equipment for making a professional live stream

    3. Best live streaming studio setup for gaming on Facebook with!

    4. Watch streams to learn the user experience and connect.

    5. OBS Facebook Live Gaming Alerts Setup.

    6. OBS Scene, source, camera, and audio setup including limiting.

    7. Heart Rate Monitor Setup for Live Streaming with OBS on Facebook Gaming

    1. Go Vertical to maximize discovery and views

    2. Go Vertical on Facebook Gaming for 3x Views and Followers

    3. Vertical stream setup in OBS

    1. Facebook Gaming Growth is Easier When Streaming an Hour a Day

    2. Wear a costume to stand out!

    3. Go Viral on Facebook Gaming Live Streams Interacting with Shares and Comments

    4. Facebook stars viral game footage.

    5. Schedule live streams with events to help viewers plan ahead.

    6. Title, description, and tags

    7. Record highlight videos and spotlight them on the gaming creator page to convert new viewers

    8. Videos 3+ minutes can earn revenue and go viral!

    9. Facebook page insights and getting through the dip after a viral stream!

    10. Automatic Discord notifications from Facebook live gaming via level up streamer!

    11. Respond to messages to convert more viewers to top fans!

    1. Facebook stars are donations and provide great earning potential!

    2. Unlocking supporters with fan subscriptions provides monthly payments!

    3. Stay Monetized on Facebook Gaming and Creator Studio by Following Community and Monetization Guidelines

    4. Achieving Facebook live gaming partner and managed creator status!

    5. Sharing and donating to others helps us!

    6. Join Level Up Gaming Creators Facebook group to enhance learning.

    7. 5 ways to make money gaming on Facebook live

    8. #1 way to make money online as a live streamer

    9. Best ways for streamers to earn money online with a website

    10. Streamlabs processes donations instantly and has awesome alerts

    11. A mentor is invaluable for success streaming on Facebook

    12. You have got this! What next?

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