Course curriculum

    1. You get a case study here because I made this course with Fiverr!

    2. You get practical tips and motivation from top sellers explaining what works.

    1. Giving what you want to receive. Starting with buying gigs.

    2. Basic tutorial for searching gigs on Fiverr and browsing top gigs by rating.

    3. Understanding that I do not know which gig to order helps me to find out.

    4. Finding one potential seller to work with is exciting. Finding 20 is better!

    5. In 45 minutes I found 20 top sellers with potential to work with.

    6. The message I send to sellers is critical to begin the successful relationship.

    7. Using quick message to send fast and reviews to find a real name.

    1. Reviewing the initial yes and no responses to the message within 30 minutes 2

    2. Requesting and receiving offers from the yes responses.

    3. Placing my order on Fiverr using the custom order button

    4. Within 5 hours from starting to film, $105 spent ordering gigs.

    5. 3 top sellers agree to make videos within 24 hours!

    6. With 48 hours I have two videos I can add to this course!

    1. What are the top sellers on Fiverr and how can they help you?

    2. Top seller "oldmansteve" explains how at 77 years old he works on Fiverr!

    3. Top seller vitojamieson gives you a look at his back office on Fiverr.

    4. Meet Arjunrocks, a Fiverr top seller from India with over 5,000 sales!

    5. Strategies for increasing sales on Fiverr.

    6. How do you figure out what gig to sell? How to make a unique gig?

    7. How do you effectively manage buys and get good reviews on Fiverr?

    8. Fiverr inbox management and using the Fiverr app to respond fast.

    9. How to earn big on Fiverr.

    10. Adding a video in front of Taj Mahal!

    11. "I got started after seeing someone else's gig and thinking I can do that!"

    12. "Tap into your talents first and make it enjoyable."

    13. "The present."

    14. "What is working for me today on Fiverr. The tips I use running my business."

    15. protecting your income on Fiverr by banjoman

    16. Welcome to all things Fiverr with Ariel!

    1. If you want to make top seller, getting started and getting to level 2 is first.

    2. What to make your Fiverr username?

    3. Fiverr profile picture discussion and how to link to your YouTube channel.

    4. What kind of picture is good for a Fiverr profile?

    5. Copyright on Fiverr goes to the BUYER by DEFAULT.

    1. How much have I earned on Fiverr as a level 2 seller with very little effort?

    2. About half of my sales come from top buyers on Fiverr.

    3. Most frustration on Fiverr comes from poorly created or communicated gigs.

    4. Gig sales often are slow to start and then go up for no easy to find reason

    5. How and why I choose to pause a Fiverr gig.

    6. Learn from the competition and do not compete.

    7. Every buyer or potential buyer is important!

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