Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Course overview

    1. Google Sites Overview

    2. WordPress Overview - Why choose WordPress to create your website?

    3. The one thing you need to do right on your website is setup a way to make money

    1. Overview of what you have to do to get your website for sale on Flippa

    2. Pricing? Set the price very low to start and let the bidders get excited

    3. 80/20 - Verified Google Analytics CRITICAL for Success

    4. Sellers notes - how to write them successful to convert bids and close your sale

    5. Financials - How to communicate the money you are making successfully

    1. Directly reach out to your potential buyers with a clever sales message

    2. Engaging with interested buyers through discussions

    1. Completing the sale successfully with trust and gratitude

    2. Analyzing your ROI. How much time did it take versus what you earned?

    3. Course summary

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Jerry Banfield

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