Course curriculum

    1. Thank you for taking this course! What value do you get out of it?

    2. How this course is structured for your maximum benefit?

    1. What I do online keeps changing and where you can find me stays the same.

    2. Show people what you can do on your YouTube channel.

    3. What is WordPress and how am I using it?

    4. What is Upwork and how am I using it?

    5. What is Fiverr and how am I using it?

    6. Making social media and freelancing profiles that match your name.

    1. Get to know yourself by answering some questions and finding your passion.

    2. Why are you working? What are you working for?

    3. What have you done recently in your life for fun?

    4. What would you do if you had enough money to do it?

    5. What would you be willing to do for 20 years?

    6. What do you hate doing?

    7. What experience do you already have online?

    8. How does what you like to do match with why you do it and what people need?

    1. What can you do for someone else that would really help them?

    2. What problems are other people having now that you could solve?

    3. What can you learn that is an in demand skill?

    4. Where can you most effectively contact the exact right person you could help?

    5. How are people used to paying for products or services related to your offering?

    1. Assume you will get no clients and customers to start and be grateful for leads.

    2. Attract new clients effortlessly instead of depending on promotion.

    3. Instead of being frustrated, appreciate your free time and use it to learn.

    4. Having clients and customers brings its own set of limitations.

    5. Use your freetime to build a YouTube channel, WordPress website, and more!

    1. YouTube is the easiest place to get organic search traffic which is gold.

    2. Timing is everything in life. Get found on YouTube at the right time.

    3. 0 to 1 video uploaded is the biggest step on YouTube.

    4. Talking head videos are the easiest to make and a great way to start.

    5. Screen capture tutorials are the foundation of my success on YouTube.

    6. Consistency is the key to making a great YouTube channel!

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