Course curriculum

    1. What value do you get immediately out of starting this 21 day program?

    2. Being a genius starts with letting go of every idea you have about your limits.

    3. Today practice having an open mind about what your mental abilities really are.

    1. The connection between genius and original thought. Where are original thoughts?

    2. How I have original thoughts and how you can too!

    3. Today look for a space in your thoughts where for a moment there is nothing.

    1. In a world of talking, being a great listener will allow you to amaze people.

    2. How can you and I be a great listener today?

    3. Today practice being a great listener and find the best listener in your life!

    1. A genius can make a hollywood movie in their sleep and you already do it!

    2. How to bring the same creative genius you have in your dreams into every day.

    3. Today reflect on a few of the dreams you have had and prepare your workshop.

    1. Einstein was big on the role to gratitude in the creation of his work.

    2. How I found gratitude in my life and how it allows me to reach my full potential

    1. The biggest obstacle to being a genius is having a closed mind.

    2. Opening my mind has been the single most helpful step I have taken.

    3. Today find the opening in your life into love, acceptance, and an open mind.

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