Course curriculum

    1. A new way to think about SEO. Get found everywhere in all searches

    2. The one thing you need to know to do exceptional with SEO

    3. How to find your niche and see what you already know that has traffic

    4. An example of what you can do with the information in this course.

    1. Google and YouTube search secrets with WordPress

    2. Google SEO secrets explained especially minimizing bounce and click back

    3. YouTube search secrets, shortcuts, and power ranking tips

    4. WordPress & YouTube content strategy for maximum Google SEO

    5. Which keywords should you use getting started

    6. How do you find the best keywords to rank high on in Google and YouTube

    1. How am I getting my organic search traffic to grow every month?

    2. Why this strategy works so well

    3. Hands on with the details of executing this strategy

    1. Hellobar use for converting traffic on your website

    1. Using the Google keyword planner and suggested search to decide what title to try

    1. Fixing errors shown in Google webmaster tools the easy way.

    2. Getting started with Google webmaster tools and adding your website

    3. How to get Google to immediately index your website

    4. Google webmaster tools search queries explained in depth.

    5. Crawl Stats Ranking Page Load Indicator time spent downloading a page in milliseconds

About this course

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