Course curriculum

    1. Thank you for taking the course! The value we hope to offer is motivation to try

    2. Complete health is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual

    3. Starting with physical health, then emotional, mental, and spiritual

    4. You are not perfect and you can work towards perfection

    1. What is measured gets improved. Track your diet and active calories each day!

    2. I use My Fitness Pal to track everything I eat now and all exercise and weight

    3. 80% of your weight is eating. 20% of your weight is exercise

    4. 80% of your base energy comes from exercise, 20% from eating

    5. Eat the minimum you need to be full

    6. Think about each bite you take while you eat instead of focusing on the next

    7. Commit to a daily active activity that you are willing to do

    8. The simple benefits of weight training and building a weight lifting habit

    9. The awesome amount of energy you get from doing cardio

    10. Try drinking more water before and during every meal

    11. How to beat your crazy cravings

    12. Why you should not be a quitter in your workouts

    1. Emotions and feelings are like thoughts that the body has

    2. Being aware of what you are feeling inside is the first step to emotional health

    3. When you do good, you feel good. When you do wrong, you feel bad

    4. Taking responsibility for your feelings means they are never anyone else's fault

    5. This too shall pass. Accepting bad feelings when they come up and enjoying good

    6. Learning the simple art of smiling, especially when you are down

    1. Get your engine started first thing in the morning

    2. Ending your day like a champion

    3. I am never upset for the reason I think I am

    4. How to stop hurrying and enjoy each moment

    1. Presence and paying attention to now makes taking care of yourself very easy

    2. The spiritual practices that work for me today

    3. Spiritual growth, don't only do it alone

    4. Spiritual practice is the only hope I have for influencing my mind

    5. Religion focuses on the spiritual experience of another. Spirituality is yours

    1. How to travel in time and find happiness now

    2. How to be a good husband when your wife is pregnant based on what works for me

    3. How I found happiness in life by seeing beyond and into death

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