Course curriculum

    1. You will not believe what this course helps you discover about yourself!

    2. What is learning? Learning redefined as I understand it and as you experience it

    3. If you want to learn anything all you have to do is do it It is that simple

    4. What you love to do times how much you do it equals rapid and fun learning.

    1. Learning is what happens now when I am humble and live with an open mind.

    2. Learning is what does not happen when I think I already know.

    3. The difference between how we are in the habit of learning and what works best

    4. The best learning happens above conscious thinking.

    5. You keep learning or your die. I try to learn something new every day.

    6. The intelligence that controls your breathing has immense power

    1. Brain training games at Lumosity helped me understand my brain better.

    2. Multitasking brain training game proves your brain likes one thing at a time!

    3. Memory training example - memory comes from practice and trust

    4. If you want to be great at anything, you must move faster than thought!

    1. Resistance is the main reason you have not been able to learn in your life

    2. Absolutely nothing beats loving what you are doing and doing it repeatedly

    3. Accepting that you need help will encourage you to learn what you need

    4. A silent mind makes a great student

    5. Why are there so few traffic accidents Most people are very good drivers

    1. If you think you cannot learn something you probably are right

    2. What you think of other people is what you think of yourself

    3. Memorizing, cramming, and copying will not help you learn.

    4. If you do not want to learn something, why try at all?

    5. Standardized tests give no real idea of your true learning potential

    6. Turn the TV off, silence your phone, and close your music player

    7. Breaking the habit of guessing or faking that you know something

    1. Every single moment is an opportunity to learn something

    2. Love and experience produce talent, ability, and skills

    3. Knowing a little bit about everything is much more powerful than specialisation

    4. Accepting your limitations will free you from feeling like a fraud

    5. Learn to see the similarities in life and you will find you already know a lot!

    6. Trust and verify what anyone else says works, including what I say.

    7. You can only learn today because you forget yesterday and never get to tomorrow

    8. The best learning comes from being wrong, from failing, and from mistakes

    9. Figure out when you are wrong as soon as possible

    10. Everything you are doing in your life impacts your learning

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