Course curriculum

    1. Let's begin finding and building your happily ever after relationship!

    2. What experience do I have that qualifies me to teach this class?

    3. 3 tips I learned the hard way.

    4. 1 simple way to attract.

    5. Dating is like gambling where you mostly lose and you can win big.

    6. Understand you are working for the single most important part of your life.

    7. Get honest about your bad habits.

    8. Love yourself and you will be lovable.

    9. You get what you give.

    10. Start building a successful system for maintaining a healthy weight.

    11. Work a little bit each day on how you look.

    12. The benefits of developing spiritually.

    13. Understand there is no "opposite sex" only people.

    1. Discover what matters most to you in a partner

    2. Making a great dating profile

    3. Make broad and relevant search criteria

    4. Establish mutual interest before sending a message

    5. The goal of a message is getting a face to face meeting

    6. How to convert the message into a date and what to plan

    1. Be yourself

    2. Trust your instinct about the other person

    3. The first date is the easiest time to quit

    4. How to plan a great first date

    5. DO NOT do any of these on a first date

    6. End with a hug for yes or a polite "thank you for going out with me."

    7. Follow up how you would like to be followed up

    8. Establish that there will be a second date soon or forget about it

    9. Build upon the success of the first date or establish a failure

    10. Close strongly with a kiss or give up on the second date

    11. Second date follow up. Give what you want to get or end it!

    1. Fall in love with me every day! The power of doing nice things every day

    2. How to have a Happy Marriage + How to be a Good Wife and Husband

    3. What is fantasy, how it hurts sex with your partner and how to stop fantasizing

    4. Marriage is about the person you marry

    5. Married people have sex more and enjoy it more

    6. How to be a good husband or wife especially during a challenging time part 1

    7. How to be a good husband or wife especially during a challenging time part 2.

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