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    1. January 1: Let's take control of your life!

    2. January 2: My Mom said "I would give anything to have another day with your Dad, even a bad one." Today is a day I might give anything for later.

    3. January 3: Love and hate are things we create

    4. January 4: What can I accomplish in my life? What is the purpose of life?

    5. January 5: Why I stopped setting goals and started living one day at a time

    6. January 6: God is one in my life today. Thank you for helping me see that my relationship with God is always the most important.

    7. January 7: What is the worst thing in life and how to deal with it

    8. January 8: Any salvation possible in the future is available now

    9. January 9: Why is it so hard to ask for help and what can you do about it?

    10. January 10: Three morning habits that help me wake up on the right side of the bed every day

    11. January 11: How to be a great listener and help a friend or family member

    12. January 12: Love or hate is the one choice you have every moment

    13. January 13: I shared the pictures of my daughter here with the fear

    14. January 14: Living as a means to an end versus feeling this moment

    15. January 15: How to Reach Enlightenment Right Now

    16. January 16: How can I be happy when a problem is overwhelming me

    17. January 17: How to live for today one day at a time and live for tomorrow

    18. January 18: Three tips guaranteed to help you be happy with the work you have now, find a better job, and help the people in your life in their careers.

    19. January 19: How to make life easier by living one day at a time

    20. January 20: How to deal with the death of a friend

    21. January 21: How can you see that you already have everything you need today?

    22. January 22: You are changing the world today

    23. January 23: How to make the right decision now.

    24. January 24: The help you need is always right in front of you.

    25. January 25: How to find the sacred in every moment

    26. January 26: How to know yourself and know what the right thing to do is

    27. January 27: Prayer and crying allow me to handle any challenging situation with grace today.

    28. January 28: When you feel sad, how do you feel better? Here is what works for me.

    29. January 29: Why is it so easy to control what my dog eats and so challenging to control what I eat?

    30. January 30: Who are you really? Ask who you really are and you might be surprised at the answer.

    31. January 31: The things you own, own you. How having more is having less.

    1. February 1: If you completely love yourself, you will completely love life and others.

    2. February 2: How I can learn like a genius

    3. February 3: How do I know what the right decision to make today is in my life?

    4. February 4: How do I accept my limitations with how many people I can be friends with

    5. February 5: How I build my life around the fact that I am a lazy person

    6. February 6: Seeing through the illusion that you are separate from the world

    7. February 7: How I accept pain and get natural relief from pain

    8. February 8: Understanding and dealing with people that are hot and cold

    9. February 9: The easiest way to not get sick and be healthy is to get sleep and relax every day

    10. February 10: How to stop being in a hurry

    11. February 11: Struggling to move on from your last failure? Here is how I do it after being stuck on my last failure most of my life.

    12. February 12: Doing too much has ruined most of the good intentions in my life. Today I try to do only what I need to do and nothing else.

    13. February 13: What happens to me is much less important than how I react to it.

    14. February 14: Thank you for a year of peace and sobriety in my life

    15. February 15: What is being said is what I need to hear.

    16. February 16: How I get through not liking how I feel and stopped trying to change it

    17. February 17: When feeling lost and confused, how do I return to feeling peaceful?

    18. February 18: Yes ... but ... is a dangerous phrase I stay away from using today

    19. February 19: Being comfortable with uncertainty eliminates an unbelievable amount of stress from my life.

    20. February 20: Don't make things worse is a phrase that saves my life today.

    21. February 21: Don't make things worse is a phrase that saves my life today.Ever been in bed with someone and not been able to sleep? Watch this video and see what happens next time!

    22. February 22: Don't make things worse is a phrase that saves my life today. Slowing down ends most every problem I have had in my life today.

    23. February 23: You are not a klutz! You are just in a hurry.

    24. February 24: How asking for help saved my life and built my business

    25. February 25: The idea of making it is an illusion

    26. February 26: Your choices now are more full of life than any plan made in the past.

    27. February 27: Do you need the future to be yourself?

    28. February 28: Daily inspirational principles

    1. March 1: Fantasy thinking creates pain. Here is how I stop daydreaming and appreciate this moment as it is.

    2. March 2: Ending the cycle of making enemies and hurting people

    3. March 3: Starting new things and getting bored with them was how I lived and I am grateful to have relief from that today

    4. March 4: Wanting and waiting for happiness in the future made me misable a lot of my life

    5. March 5: Why I stopped giving advice to other people and started looking at what I should do

    6. March 6: How to break bad habits and make being lazy into a good thing

    7. March 7: Changing from great expectations to gratitude

    8. March 8: On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work.

    9. March 9: Getting enough sleep will create a miracle for your health

    10. March 10: Doing less is my secret to producing more.

    11. March 11: No patience is needed to be where you are.

    12. March 12: Fear and anxiety last minutes for me if I stop and look at them or days if I do not.

    13. March 13: When you can see the insanity of arguing with how life is this moment, then you can be free of it.

    14. March 14: How to stop mentally sabotaging myself

    15. March 15: The mood I am for now is neutral with a background of peace, love, and joy. When a good or bad mood comes, I do not take it too seriously.

    16. March 16: How I maintain a healthy weight and stopped overeating

    17. March 17: How to react when someone insults you online or tries to bully you. I forgive and respond with love

    18. March 18: What causes anger and how do I get instant relief today from being angry?

    19. March 19: You can only love others as much as you love yourself

    20. March 20: You can make use of your mistakes, failures, and pain by helping others struggling with them today.

    21. March 21: 5 times daily I pray formally and many times informally because I need help.

    22. March 22: What is the easiest way to get out of anger, fear, depression, and any suffering in your life?

    23. March 23: If you respect how your body is feeling, especially when it is in pain, you will spend much less time in pain or sick

    24. March 24: How I changed my past from bringing pain to bringing gratitude

    25. March 25: Sleep has a huge impact on my mood. If I get enough, more good moods. If not, more bad moods.

    26. March 26: Saying I am sorry when I am wrong and then fixing it has made all of my relationships healthy and happy

    27. March 27: You do not have to be alone with your problems today.

    28. March 28: Being grateful for the bad things that almost happen gives me joy each day

    29. March 29: Repairing the damage I cause in relationships makes life so much easier

    30. March 30: Tips for enjoying life when you live with your family

    31. March 31: How I maintain a high energy level each day

    1. April 1: You cannot give what you do not have, especially as a parent

    2. April 2: People have a right to be wrong and why this helps me

    3. April 3: Words have the power of life and death which is why I try to use mine to bring life and communicate love.

    4. April 4: Why working to impress and pay attention to the people already in my life works better than focusing on new people

    5. April 5: Seeing how people are the same inspires me to love myself and be helpful.

    6. April 6: What you do to other people shows what you do to yourself

    7. April 7: Why I stopped saying "he" or "she" started it

    8. April 8: What I learned about breathing in the miracle of mindfullness by Thich Nhat Hanh

    9. April 9: 0 to 1 is the biggest step I take each day

    10. April 10: How to not feel sick when flying and feel better after landing

    11. April 11: Would you rather be an addict or have cancer?

    12. April 12: The power of consistent attention paid each day

    13. April 13: How I quickly notice and fix my bad mood today

    14. April 14: Are you living your relationships today or in the past and future?

    15. April 15: The feeling that I am useless and not accomplishing anything is a lie and I am grateful not to believe it today

    16. April 16: Tears of gratitude! Was yesterday a good day or a bad day?

    17. April 17: When you have a new idea you are excited about, what do you do? I have a 24 hour waiting period now for new ideas

    18. April 18: What can I as a Dad tell my daughter about life?

    19. April 19: How I enjoyed being sick

    20. April 20: What can I accomplish in my life that will not fade away?

    21. April 21: Who are you? Who am I?

    22. April 22: What is the most valuable thing each of us can do in life?

    23. April 23: Why are we here? Service is the purpose of my life.

    24. April 24: Notice anytime you start to disagree

    25. April 25: Practicing patience and trust is most challenging for me when I play League of Legends, Call of Duty, or Heroes of the Storm

    26. April 26: Being born- If I do not remember an event as important as my own birth, what else have I forgotten?

    27. April 27: The fear I have of doing anything new is ridiculous! Seeing it allows me to overcome it.

    28. April 28: What have I learned about myself in the first week of being a new dad?

    29. April 29: Fixing small problems and doing small chores as soon as I think of them saves me a TON of time and energy every day.

    30. April 30: This worker drone is known as Jerry

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