Course curriculum

    1. September 1: Life is filled with magic today

    2. September 2: Most of the attacks I think are coming from others really come from me

    3. September 3: Life is filled with everyday opportunities for faith

    4. September 4: Honesty and effort instead of success and failure

    5. September 5: Death was what I worked so hard to achieve most of my life

    6. September 6: With a good attitude, the things I want are given to me

    7. September 7: There is nothing wrong with you.

    8. September 8: A deeper look at history provides peace and excitement for me today!

    9. September 9: Depression relief strategies working for me today

    10. September 10: Proof we have eternal life today!

    11. September 11: What greater treasures can we have than faith, courage, and love_

    12. September 12: The things that annoy me about other people show me what I really believe about myself

    13. September 13: Anxiety relief strategies working for me today to eliminate 95% of the anxiety I used to experience

    14. September 14: When I started believing in death, I lost my life. When I stopped believing in death, I got it back

    15. September 15: What I give is what I receive

    16. September 16: Incompetence is usually a sign people are doing too much and amazingly the solution often is to do less!

    17. September 17: A life lived free of getting in my own way is one where I can reach my full potential

    18. September 18: In any relationship I can fix any of the problems I am having

    19. September 19: There is no avoiding life's difficulties and I have learned I can get through mine faster

    20. September 20: The information I consume is just as important as the food I eat

    21. September 21: What we work so hard to get we often already have

    22. September 22: Awkward silence no longer exists for me

    23. September 23: Disagreeing is something I avoid today.

    24. September 24: Why I avoid fighting anyone or anything.

    25. September 25: Getting something better in life is easier when I am willing to give something up for it

    26. September 26: Many of the best parts of my life were found and built in times of struggle

    27. September 27: The phrase I am uncomfortable helps me get through difficult feelings fast

    28. September 28: Why do I play Call of Duty Black Ops 3 zombies while talking about life?

    29. September 29: Anytime I am having trouble with someone else's behavior it is always because I do not want to look at how I am acting

    30. September 30: The only real power I have is what I choose to pay attention to

    1. October 1: There is nothing I have that I would deny anyone else.

    2. October 2: The word "always" has mostly been eliminated from my vocabulary

    3. October 3: There is nothing we have that we can keep

    4. October 4: How life is like a game of zombies on Black Ops 3!

    5. October 5: How I discovered I did believe in God when I thought I was agnostic

    6. October 6: How I found happiness in life by seeing beyond and into death

    7. October 7: The truth about strangers

    8. October 8: There is no substitute for practice

    9. October 9: Creating no more pain and suffering for myself is my first responsibility each day.

    10. October 10: You will have what you need when you need it and you might not have it until then!

    11. October 11: Seeing how much work I was doing to make myself miserable allowed me to step back and do work to take care of myself

    12. October 12: Getting out of stress, anxiety, pain, and suffering into peace, love, and serenity

    13. October 13: What can you do if you are faced with a yes:no question where there seems like no good option?

    14. October 14: When disaster happens, it is easy to see the pain of not accepting the past and trying to make the future clear.

    15. October 15: Ask to be useful each day and life will give you the tools you need to help people

    16. October 16: Why is it so easy to solve other people's problems and so hard to solve my own?

    17. October 17: Dealing with people is challenging. Here is how I make it a little easier today.

    18. October 18: The one dog

    19. October 19: 90% of success in my life is just showing up.

    20. October 20: Trying to keep work, school, and home life separate is challenging. I am thankful to have a consistent simple life today

    21. October 21: We all are not that different and what a relief it is for me to see this!

    22. October 22: Humans share 99% of DNA which makes me think all things we do not like about each other are really things we do not like about ourselves

    23. October 23: Recent physics discoveries show the observer effect

    24. October 24: The only real power I have is what I pay attention to because I cannot control my thoughts

    25. October 25: When you are having a hard time, know that you are not alone!

    26. October 26: What if I have to live everyone else's life too?

    27. October 27: Most of my life I learned only new ways to live like a baby. Today I know everything is okay no matter what

    28. October 28: Making a little effort and tracking it every day adds up to a lot very fast!

    29. October 29: Gratitude is here for me now when I think of how I started with nothing

    30. October 30: Do the next right thing and don't make it worse

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