Course curriculum

    1. How I Film Videos For YouTube And TikTok With OBS In Vertical + Horizontal Profiles!

    2. Free Camtasia Alternative! How to Use OBS for Recording Screen Capture Video Tutorials

    3. OBS vs Screenflow vs Camtasia and Final Cut Pro X for filming, editing, and rendering videos!

    4. OBS First Impressions After Switching from Wirecast for Live Streaming

    1. OBS Video Production Setup for Filming Online Courses

    2. OBS Scene, Source, Camera, and Audio Setup Including Limiting

    1. Set OBS Volume Perfectly with Youlean Loudness Meter!

    2. Sync Camera Audio and Video Perfectly in OBS with a Clap Test Recording and Camtasia

    1. Restream dashboard and easy stream setup in OBS

    2. Heart Rate Monitor Setup for Live Streaming with OBS on Facebook Gaming

    3. OBS Facebook Live Gaming Alerts Setup

    4. Vertical Stream Setup in OBS - Facebook Gaming Course 2019

    5. OBS Facebook Live Gaming Setup for Star and Share Alerts

    6. dashboard and easy stream setup in OBS for Restream!

    1. Does OBS Work on MacOS Catalina + How To Set Permissions After Upgrading!

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  • 3 hours of video content


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