Course curriculum

    1. What is up in Quickbooks Self-Employed basics for business owners online?

    2. Connect bank accounts, PayPal, and credit cards to get real time data.

    3. What makes Quick Books Self-Employed Awesome is live business profit reports.

    4. Invite an accountant to help with getting your QBSE setup.

    1. Setup transaction rules to avoid hours of work using spreadsheets.

    2. Use profit and loss reports to track income and expenses daily.

    3. Tax reports show US schedule C expenses all year.

    4. Using QuickBooks SE to assist with filing taxes.

    5. I work a little bit at a time on my taxes for months.

    6. Paying my estimated taxes during the year.

    7. Microsoft Excel exports for entering many transactions fast as single line items in TurboTax.

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