Course curriculum

    1. Course introduction and overview

    2. How is the course structured? How to use it?

    1. How to figure out what to learn next in social media marketing

    2. Know about the law of averaging principle in human psychology.

    3. Facebook is amazing for building healthy long term relationships online.

    4. YouTube is incredible for organic search traffic that provides leads and sales.

    5. Twitter can be your website's number one traffic source.

    6. LinkedIn can get you found for a better job and connect you with new clients.

    7. Pinterest is where your fashion and home improvement products can take off!

    8. Instagram is unmatched for sharing photos and getting an audience fast

    1. Most activity on Facebook occurs in the newsfeed and in messages.

    2. Your Facebook timeline is a place where you build trust and relationships.

    3. If you are not sure what you are doing yet, stick to a personal profile.

    4. Facebook pages, groups, and your profile

    5. When is it worth it to make a Facebook page How different is my new page from my first page

    6. Making a Facebook page branded with my name is my long term solution.

    7. Changing your profile picture on Facebook is the easiest way to get likes

    8. What type of status will get the most clicks, likes, comments, and shares

    9. How to get someone to accept your friend request on Facebook

    10. I just wanted to promote myself on Facebook and here is what followed

    11. Facebook messaging strategy that landed me my biggest client and hundreds of others

    12. Where to get help from Facebook when you have problems

    13. What strategy I am using for Facebook posts and my page today.

    14. Overview of what I am doing now with my Facebook ads

    15. How to quickly make effective Facebook ad campaigns

    1. YouTube is awesome for organic search traffic

    2. Welcome to YouTube! Here are the two places people spend time with you on YouTube

    3. Introduction to the creator studio and the one thing you need to do to be successful on YouTube

    4. Uploading new YouTube videos and looking at your analytics is how success is built

    5. Your community on YouTube is where you turn your work into gold

    6. Your YouTube channel features explained including how to get a subscribe button

    7. Thinking global first on YouTube is your path to local domination

    8. Easy ways to make viral YouTube videos based on my experience with 20 videos.

    9. How I made my first viral video on YouTube with Google hangouts on air

    10. Making a viral YouTube video with the YouTube editor

    11. How to make a YouTube video without even filming using someone else's video.

    12. Making viral video game YouTube videos with elgato game capture HD.

    13. Make a viral YouTube video easy! High demand topic with low competition!

    14. How did I get 100,000+ YouTube views on a video in 2 weeks?

    15. Hiring freelancers to produce videos on in demand subjects.

    16. Summary of how I make viral videos on YouTube.

    1. What is Twitter best for? Website traffic and social proof

    2. Welcome to Twitter! Learn the basics right here

    3. What type of tweet gets the best engagement What does Google do

    4. How to make a picture tweet that fills the newsfeed

    5. How did I get so many followers on Twitter

    6. How to search for the right people to follow and your ideal followers on Twitter

    7. How following people on Twitter earns me so many followers

    8. Unfollowing people not following you back is the key to building your followers

    9. Auto posting new YouTube videos uploaded to Twitter

    10. Autoposting with HootSuite is how you reach all your Twitter followers

    11. How to combine Facebook and Twitter to get boosted organic reach with CoPromote

    1. What is most important on LinkedIn and what are the basic features

    2. How I made an all star LinkedIn profile and how you can too

    3. Getting the perfect LinkedIn profile picture. You will not believe which one I use

    4. How to make a powerful LinkedIn profile summary optimized for SEO

    5. Using media in the summary section of your LinkedIn profile

    6. Strategies for adding connections on LinkedIn

    7. A powerful strategy using LinkedIn posts to get people reading your blog

    8. If you want people to read your blog, start blogging on LinkedIn

    9. LinkedIn messaging for connections, relationships, and leads.

    10. LinkedIn groups are where you do expand your network on LinkedIn

    11. LinkedIn Pulse has your news and is where you can get your organic traffic

    12. How to search for jobs and find better jobs to apply to on LinkedIn jobs

    13. LinkedIn premium accounts explained.

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