Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to a journey of $0 to $11,637 in one month with Thinkific for teaching full time online!

    2. How to get a $50 credit when signing up for Thinkific!

    3. Thinkific signup and interface first impressions

    4. After upgrading I set my custom domain!

    5. Changing the Thinkific URL and setting the CNAME in GoDaddy.

    6. Syncing Stripe and PayPal to accept payments.

    7. Setting up Google Analytics on Thinkific.

    1. Facebook pixel installation for conversion tracking and remarketing

    2. Naming my school and matching the URL to it

    3. Welcoming new user accounts with a thoughtful privacy policy and terms

    4. Setting site emails and planning for a great customer support experience

    5. Building the course curriculum fast with the bulk importer.

    6. Using settings to change the course URL to one or two words.

    7. Course card image insights.

    8. Uploading videos fast to the video library with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc.

    1. Welcome to day 4 with Thinkific featuring Google Site Verification!

    2. My URL is set to!

    3. Using the default theme until the drag and drop builder is ready.

    4. $180 base price with $27 a month subscription and $297 for lifetime access!

    5. Visit the people tab and select all users to bulk email

    6. Choosing and planning an intro video.

    7. Uploading and arranging an existing class with the bulk importer and cirriculum

    8. Creating my first coupon and pasting the link on my free courses page.

    1. Welcoming the first free students and subscriber!

    1. Tracking purchases and completed registrations with the Facebook ads pixel

    2. Signup tracking code with Google AdWords conversions.

    1. 2 full price sales and conversion tracking is working!

    2. The sales widgets are functional for WordPress but I am going to make my own

About this course

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Jerry Banfield

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