Course curriculum

    1. Let's Learn TikTok!

    2. Why Learn and Use TikTok?

    3. How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

    4. TikTok Home Screen and User Interface Basics

    5. Lessons Learned Creating During My First Month on TikTok

    6. Case Study with JRSwab Sharing Programming Tutorials

    7. Case Studies from Viral Videos

    8. Discover page for researching trending hashtags

    9. TIKTOK SECRETS — 3 Ways To Find Trending Music and Add Viral Songs Into New Videos!

    1. Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

    2. Let's Make Videos on TikTok!

    3. Explore the User Interface in TikTok's Video Editor

    4. Filters and Timer in TikTok's Video Editor

    5. Add Effects for Maximum Engagement

    6. Choose a Sound and Film in Whole or Parts

    7. Include Text for Viewers Watching Without Sound on Instagram and Facebook

    8. You are ready to succeed with TikTok and stories on social media!

    1. How I Film Videos For YouTube And TikTok With OBS In Vertical + Horizontal Profiles!

    2. SOLVED! TikTok 0 Views on New Videos and This Video is Under Review and Cannot Be Shared

    3. 20 Million TikTok Views in 1 Month with Joe Parys

    4. My TikTok Videos are Going Viral! Here's Why!

    5. Posting Videos, Choosing Hashtags, and Sharing to Instagram

    6. My Top TikTok Video Helps Me Experience a Breakthrough

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Jerry Banfield

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