Course curriculum

    1. A vision for your YouTube!

    2. Remembering My First Video on YouTube

    3. MrBeast vs Me — Basic types of YouTube channels and how to get people to watch your YouTube videos?

    4. Hardware for filming YouTube videos

    5. OBS vs Screenflow vs Camtasia and Final Cut Pro X for filming, editing, and rendering videos!

    6. Select sensational titles that help videos go viral and:or optimize for YouTube search!

    7. How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views Secret SEO Strategy

    8. Make great thumbnails fast with Canva even with no graphic design experience!

    9. How To Use The YouTube Creator Studio to Upload Videos in 2020

    10. Publishing schedule, long-term viability, and burn out!

    11. How to make money on YouTube with ads, memberships, merchandise, and super chat?

    12. Sell Online Courses on YouTube with WordPress, LearnDash, and WooCommerce

    13. Get more YouTube views and make sales with Google ads!

    14. Being grateful for every viewer!

    15. COPPA Everything You Need To Know — New YouTube Updates Make Compliance Easy

    1. $10,000 A Day on YouTube?


    3. MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

    4. Easy Unique Content Idea Generation System for Bloggers and YouTubers Using Google Search

    5. $53,802 in Advertising Revenue on YouTube!

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Jerry Banfield

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