Course curriculum

    1. Zapier For Beginners — Automate All Your Tasks Without Coding!

    2. Zapier's Most Popular Zaps — What Can You Automate?

    3. Build Your First Zap with Zapier — How To Publish New YouTube Videos to Twitter

    4. Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier

    5. Understanding Zapier Pricing and Task Usage — Which Plan Is Best?

    6. Zapier vs IFTTT 2020 — Best Automation Tools for Entrepreneurs Online?

    7. Zapier Task History and Zap Status Explained — Success, Delayed, Didn't Pass Filter, and Stopped for Error!

    8. When to Automate vs When to Do Manually?

    1. Zapier Default Apps Overview and Filter Example

    2. Zapier Delay Tutorial — Wait For, Until, Or Queue Zap Workflows!

    3. Filter by Zapier Tutorial — Stop Zaps From Running and Continue If Successful!

    4. SMS by Zapier for Sending Text Message Notifications!

    5. Zapier Paths for Conditional Logic Processing and Advanced Workflows!

    1. Share New Wordpress Posts Automatically with Zapier to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

    2. Send An Email Sequence With Gmail Via Zapier Without Using Email Marketing Software

    3. How To Publish Instagram Posts Automatically To Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest!

    4. Add Customers from WooCommerce to Email Lists with Zapier Automation ft ActiveCampaign and LearnDash

    5. Gmail Automatic Forwarding or SMS Notifications for Emails Matching Search with Zapier!

    6. Best Appointment Scheduling Apps and Workflows with Zapier!

    7. WooCommerce New Order SMS Notifications with Zapier

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